Below are class descriptions, tuition fees, and the materials fee. Family and military discounts are 10% OFF classes. Payment plans are available. Please register before coming to class. Thank you.

Babies Musical World

(5 to 18 months)

16 week session, 35 min

All babies are born with an aptitude for music. But research shows that their aptitude diminishes if it is not nurtured. The best way to nurture a child's musical aptitude is through active music making. By dancing and singing for and with your child in a variety of tonalities, meters, styles we are helping our children to reach their musical potential.

You will learn ways how to play musically with your baby through bouncing and rocking songs, wiggle and peek-a-boo games, dancing and singing. And of course they will be playing their first instruments.

 Tuition: $ 160 + $ 15 registration
Materials: $ 35
Total: $ 210

Family Music for Toddlers  - Dance with me

(1.5 - 3.5 years)

16 week session, 40 min class

This class is designed to bring the joy of music and movement to toddlers and their caregivers. This is a 20-year program that builds a solid foundation for learning the language of music.

Activities include singing, dancing, focused listening and simple instrument playing. Creating an environment in which the child's music aptitude is nurtured and skills are developed. This class moves more quickly than the baby class and supports the toddler's  increased mobility. 

Tuition: $ 224 + $ 15 registration  
Materials: $ 35  
Total: $ 274  

Cycle of Seasons - Sun Catchers

(Ages 4 - 5 years)

16 week session, 45 min class

This class is designed to nurture the emergent independence of the older 3 and young 4 year - 5 year old.

Activities include lots of singing, chants and rhymes, listening games, patterns to echo, and movement games, all of which nurture the child's musical development while satisfying the child's need to learn in a holistic environment.


Parents stay for the class, although some of the activities are designed to have the children participate independently of their parents.


Home materials include a CD, songbook, and manipulatives. They are essential to allow the learning and fun to continue at home.

Tuition: $ 224 + $ 15 registration  
Materials: $ 43  
Total: $ 282  

Piano students

(Ages 6 - 16 years)

Keyboard  and piano  student at Keiki Crescendo
Each individual lesson is 30 minutes. We use keyboards at the classroom.

10 week payment

Tuition: $ 250 incl. registration  
Materials: vary  
Total: $ 250